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Information on:

Government Gazettes

The government gazettes are released on a weekly basis by the GPW (Government Printing Works) which includes the Legal Notice A & B, National Liquor Licenses, Bills, Acts/Legislation.

Legal Notice A

The Legal Notices A are published every friday that contain the following information:

Business Notice

Company Notices

Orders of the Court


Administration of Estates Acts Notices:
Form J 297 - Election of executors, curators and tutors
Form J 295 - Curators and tutors: Masters' notices
Form J 193 - Notice to creditors in deceased estates
Form J 187 - Liquidation and distribution accounts in deceased estates lying for inspection

Form J 28, Form J 29, Form 1, Form 2, Form 4, Form 5, Form 7, Form 9, Form VL

Legal Notice B

The Legal Notices B are published every Friday that contain the following information:

Sales in execution:
Public auctions, sales and tenders

Liquor Licenses

The National liquor licenses are published on the first Friday of a new month with the following information:

Liquor Act (27/1989): Notice of applications for liquor licences
Liquor Act (27/1989): Notice of applications for the removal of licences: Divided in the following provinces:

Other Government Gazettes

The following information get published in the Government Gazette during the week from Mondays to Fridays

Proclamations, Board Notices, Regulations, General Notices, Government Notices.

Provincial Gazettes

The following information get published in the Provincial Gazette during the week from Mondays to Fridays

Establishment of a land development area
Establishment of townships
Removal of Restrictions
Division of land
Declaration as an approved township
Closure and alienation


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